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My name is Ross Lunn, I'm a accredited building inspector and building consultant,I have been involved in the building industry for over 35 years, 7 years on the board of Certified Builders New Zealand

Why a building inspection?

To help you with your decision to purchase a property – the non –invasive inspection can highlight defects in the building before you purchase I will discuss with you what you can get from a building report – the report will cover foundations to the roof, compliance issues and un-authorised work if required. A non- invasive moisture report can seek out hidden areas of moisture within the walls. Call me to discuss your house inspection

This same inspection can be used before you sell your home to help identify any problems which can be rectified before you put your home on the market to aid with a quick and hassle free sale

I can arrange independent electrical and plumping reports for your insurance needs – independent engineers report – independent infrared moisture camera report.

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Ross Lunn
49 Elliot Street
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